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Ref: BT37996
PU shoe adhesive is a benzene-free and environmental friendly adhesive. It is made
from high quality polyurethane resin. It has good heat-resistance and very strong viscidity.
1.Good heat-resistance
2. Very stong initial strength
3.Not easy to form fine thread
4.Short tack time, easy to operate
5.Colorless transparent adhesive, non-yellowing,no effect on shoe appearance

Scope Of Application
Mainly used for bonding between PVC,PU,TPR,EVA,rubber,leather,nylon and PVC leather,PU leather,nylon cloth,genuine leather,sumelon leather and so on;both operation by hand and production time are available.

Technical Feature
Item Parameter
Appearance Colorless or light white clear sticky liquid
Solid Content (%) 15±1
Viscosity(25°C,mPa.s) 1800-2800
Activation Temperature 60-70°C
Peel Strength(N/2.5cm,PVC-PVC leather) ≥85
Keep ventilation,no smoking!
Screw up the lid to avoid high thickness because of solvent's volatilization.
Use the company's special diluter to reuse thickness if glue kristallization become white jelly-like under low temperature(under 5 centigrade),it belongs to natural physical phenomenon,it won't influence the use.
To heat up and melt the glue in water 20-30 centigrade and stir evenly.
Avoid joint layer meeting directly cold and wet wind when operate.
Keep away from skin and eyes,if on,wash with cleaning water,and see doctor.
Pre-tested before use.

1.Clean and dry the surface.Genuine leather and rubber should be burnished evenly and deeply,put finishing agent to the leather,such as PU leather,pVC leather and so on.
2.Daub glue evenly.
3.Heat up the glued surfaces to 60-70 centigrade and keep 5-8 minutes.
4.Bond the two surfaces.It is better to finish the bonding one time.otherwise it will affect the strength of adhesive.
5.Press the bonded surface 10minutes,knock and roll the surface from one side to the other side to avoid air and add joint layer firmly.
6.Stronger adhesive strength after cool several min,it will reach use strength after 24 hours.
Storage And Packing
1.Storage at shady, dry and ventilated place at 5-30°C, one year shelf life under intact package.
2.Inflammable product keep away from heat, fire source and exposing sun and rain.
3.Preserve and transport as flammabe product.

China Shoe Adhesive suppliers

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